City Planners

The first two lines could be illustrating the perfection of the city--such perfection that it can even manipulate the weather to create even more perfect conditions. This is very similar to the works of The Planners which exaggerates upon development having a more profound power over nature, something so powerful previously that has been alive and thriving for over hundreds and hundreds of years even before the coming of man.
This is the turning point in the poem that we see already, that we know that it is not really the positive poem that we hoped it to be.
The fact that everything is so perfect that being normal is considered wrong is addressed in ‘like a rebuke to the dent in our car door’. Everything is so level and straight that even having a small dent in a car is somewhat considered an insult to the level of perfection created by the atmosphere.

Im ‘But through the driveways neatly sidestep hysteria by being even, the roofs all display the same slant of avoidance to the hot sky, certain things’, she points out the slight faults of the place, and how they are so minute that it makes everyone completely accurate (eg: the slant from the roof, mathematically calculated so that it is as efficient as possible) and sane… or insane. Also note how she mentions everyday items, indicating that it is something that we find everywhere in the whole city, implying that the whole city is insane.
‘A plastic hose poised in a vicious coil; even the too-fixed stare of the wide windows’ gives the image of a snake, poised to strike. As if at any time, everything in the city will break as we cross the threshold from sane, to completely insane.