City & Guilds 7303 Question 2

Question 2 7303
Identify the key aspects of current legistative requirement and codes of practice relevant to your subejct & type of organisation within which you would like to work.

Intended working environment is Local Authority staff:
Providing Personal Safety training/Conflict Management &.Breakaway Skills. Training:
The main areas I would need to adhere of when providing training to the above would be as follows:
Health & Safety at work act 1974.
Local Authorities have their own Health & Safety officers who are responsible for the employee’s health & Safety whilst carrying out their duties which would include providing a safe venue for training & checking that any electrical equipment brought onto the premises has had the necessary safety check.
Nevertheless on the day of the training the trainer has a responsibility to check the venue is suitable for the number of delegates attending and is safe for the particular intended activities be carried out on the day.
This would be particularly important where physical activities are to take place e.g. Breakaway skills training.
In this instance the trainer must check that there are no potentially dangerous objects in close proximity to the intended training area which could result in injury, the flooring is suitable e.g. non slip and if safety mats are to be utilised that they are free from defects and correctly fitted etc.
Data protection issues need to be considered but this is unlikely to be a major concern on a one day course but could present a possible issue for instance if the delegate had filled out a pre- health check questionnaire prior to breakaway skills training as this would be personal information which they may not want others to know about.
Other Legislation which will need to be adhered to
Codes of practice: Again local will have all the necessary policies in place to protect their employees from any form of discrimination
These policies will include
Race Relations...