City & Guilds 301 Essay


Mental Health Records and Information Department

Welcome to the Mental Health Records and Information Department, Ards Sector, where we work with both Psychiatry of Old Age and General Adult Psychiatry patients.   Patients are assessed at the Outpatients Centre, the Day Hospital and the Assessment Centre.   The department is very busy with seven consultants working across the site who are supported by medical secretaries, medical records staff, booking clerk, ward clerk and reception staff.   I am the sole trainer within the department and provide each member of staff with local training and help with their personal development through regular supervision and yearly appraisals.   I produce step by step training manuals for specific tasks within the department.  
My role as a trainer within the department is to ensure that all members of staff are aware of their area of work and provide a high quality of admin support to the department.   I meet and greet all new members of staff to give them a guided tour of the site and a small local induction before they attend the Trust Induction Course.   I then meet individually with each member of staff and train them in their role on a one to one basis for approximately one week or two to ensure they are familiar with their role.   Each member of staff will receive a local induction booklet with a training section that is to be signed when training in specific areas are completed.  
In conjunction with my training role I co-operate with other professionals such as consultants, my own line manager, ICT Trainers and the Workforce Development Team to ensure that all aspects of your training cycle are being met.  
Once you have been given initial training by either an ICT trainer or the Workforce Development Team either on one of our computer systems or your Trust Induction Course I will be available on a day to day basis to ensure you understand how to put your learning to...