City and Guilds Assignment 311 Bridal

Bridal hairstyling

The above look is a Vintage Bridal hair style. This classic look is known as a French pleat. The French pleat is a vertical roll of hair, usually worn at the back of the head.
Tools and equipment to use :-   setting rollers, back combing brush, Hair grips and hairspray
Start by setting the hair, use large rollers on the top of the head and small ones at the nape.
Next take small sections and back comb the hair starting from the front to the nape of the neck.
Smooth over the top of the hair with the comb and hairspray and brush to the opposite side of your dominant hand
Hold the hair in place using hairgrips from the nape of the neck using a zigzag formation. Spray with more hairspray
Comb remaining hair over into the middle and curve the hair in on itself to cover the zigzags and pin in place. Make sure hair grips are not visible.
Smooth the hair and neaten up the curl at the top. More hair spray!
Can add flowers or diamantes if required

This hair style is for long to mid length hair, It can also be used as a way to make longer hair appear shorter

The above look is a modern bridesmaid hairstyle. It looks like a side plait but is achieved by crossing over of hair,
Tools and equipment to use :- small clear elastic hair bands, hairgrips and hairspray
Start by adding a side parting in the hair and taking a small part of the top section, secure it with an elastic band.
Next split that ponytail into two and place the top section out of the way.
Next take another section of hair and add the bottom section of the previous ponytail in, whilst releasing the top section of hair and placing it over the top of the new ponytail. Secure with an elastic band. Repeat the process until all hair tied up.

Once finished with all hair, fold the hair back over the top of the plait and secure with hair grips.
Start to loosen some of the plait to achieve a more natural and ‘un fixed’ look. Secure with hairspray.

This hair style is a Modern...