Cis 336 Week 4 Group Project Task 2

CIS 336 Week 4 Group Project Task 2

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Using the Oracle SQL*Plus editor, develop a database for MiniQuest based on your data model. The database should contain all the tables and attributes discussed in the project specifications. Be sure to use your data dictionary when creating your tables.
A key component to every task submission is the team responsibilities document. This document should outline the contributions that each member of the team made to completing the task deliverable. To submit this task, you need to create a file in notepad called TEAM_X_TASK2.TXT, where X is your team identifier. For example, Team A would name the file TEAM_A_TASK2.TXT. In this file, create a heading called CREATE STATEMENTS, and then develop the CREATE TABLE statements required to create your database tables. Be sure to include the DROP TABLE statements at the top of your file so that you can reuse the file. If you include the wording CASCADE CONSTRAINTS as part of each DROP TABLE statement, then the order of the DROP statements will not mater. For example, to drop a table named customer, you would state:
After testing and verifying that all of your create statements work, create a spooled output file with the SET ECHO ON session command set so that your code and the results will show.
Deliverables for this task:
Revisions of Task 1 (if any) based on feedback from your instructor. Task 2 comprised of the CREATE TABLE script file and the output file showing that it works. Team member responsibilities document outlining contributions by team members to this deliverable. 
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