Ciqa Certificate of Quality Assurance (C1)

The Kingsway Hotel

1(a) Quality Policy:

The managing director of the Kingsway Hotel and its employees aim to provide 100% customer care and satisfaction at all times. Providing a comfortable and memorable stay, working hard to anticipate and comply with guests needs. Continuously improving accommodation, resources and food quality.

What it is for:

The above quality policy is for the hotel to express in a single statement to there guest what there aim and intentions are as a business. The policy is to be used as a reference for the hotels senior management and employees to work against at all times to ensure they are providing a good service.

1(b) Objectives:

• Providing a quality service, reduce the number of customer complaints to < 2 complaints a month.
• Increase room occupancy to >85% week on week
• Work together to push forward the implementation of modern resources (24hr room service and internet connection). On going reviews.
• Set up and implement training programme to educate and train all staff to work proactively identifying and solving issues that arise. Achievement will be reviewed by customer satisfaction.  

1(c) What to do with the quality policy and objectives:

The quality policy and objectives are to be briefed to and understood by all employees.   Brief to include how to achieve the objectives.

Organisation of the policy and objectives being implemented to take place.  
Use the objectives to set Individual employee targets and regularly measure the performance to ensure targets are being met.

Clearly display the quality policy in an area whereby both guests and employee’s have access to view it at all times.

Management are to review and maintain the policy and objectives on a regular basis proceeding with any necessary adjustments.

2(a) Guest satisfaction survey questions:

1) Please tell us what you enjoyed most about your stay with us?
2) Overall how would you rate the cleanliness of the hotel?