Cinderella 1

The fairy tale “Cinderella” has numerous tales that have originated all over the world.   The Disney movie “Cinderella” who most know and love is based on Charles Perrault’s tale of “Cinderella”.   In contrast, Wilhelm and Jacob Grimm’s Cinderella version called “Ashputtle” has events and an ending that is unfamiliar to what most are used to with the happily ever after ending in Perrault’s.   The evil step sisters manipulate an attempt to bring injustice to Cinderella and as a result, in one tale are forgiven rewarded, and in the other receive a punishment gruesome, but fit for their actions.
In both versions of “Cinderella”, the step sisters manipulate Cinderella’s kindness; however it was more evident in Grimm’s tale.   The step sisters in Perrault’s story were described as snobby, arrogant, proud and not attractive (Perrault, 39).   On the other hand, In Grimm’s they were described as, “beautiful and fair to the face but vile and black of heart” (Grimm, 121).   The difference in attitudes is significant because snobby and arrogant is not as evil meaning as the word vile.   The sister’s in Grimm’s are evil and because of their “black heart” have no feelings, or care for anyone which is evident in how they treat Cinderella.   In both stories the step sisters called her ‘Cinderella’ because of the cinders that clung to her clothes from the chimney, however, there is more name calling and manipulating of Cinderella in “Ashputtle”.   The sister’s in Grimm’s would purposely create another mess right after Cinderella had cleaned, just to make her work harder (Grimm, 121).   When the sisters in “Cinderella” were getting ready for the ball, Cinderella offered to help them, which they agreed to have their help (Perrault, 39).   On the other hand, in “Ashputtle”, the sisters demanded Cinderella to get them ready,
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