Cider House Rules Paper

The Cider House Rules (1999)
Director: Lasse Hallstrom
Main Characters: Toby Maquire as Homer Wells
  : Michael Caine as Dr. Larch
  : Charlize Theron as Candy Kendall
: Delroy Lindo as Arthur Rose
: Paul Rudd as Lt. Wally Worthington
: Erika Badu as Rose Rose
: Jane Alexander as Nurse Edna
: Kathy Baker as Nurse Angela
Synopsis of Film
The movie (The Cider House Rules) was released in 1999. The movie was based on a novel written by John Irving and was based in a small town somewhere in Maine. The movie won overall two academy awards.   The director Lasse Hallstrom also directed numerous other movies such as (My Life as a Dog) which I’ve never seen and (What’s eating Gilbert Grape) which I have seen and is an excellent movie. The movie started out as Dr. Larch and Homer being the main characters. Dr. Larch being the care taker of the poor orphan boy named Homer. Dr. Larch runs an orphanage and also works as a Doctor. He mainly wants to train Homer to take his place. He is working very hard at making Homer out to be a Doctor, although it seems that it not what Homer has in mind.   Homer grows into an intellectual young man with hopes and dreams of being something other than what the doctor wants him to be. When Homer decides to explore life on his own is when he meets the remaining characters in the movie. He began to start a new life and a new job with new friends. That doesn’t seem to slow Dr. Larch down one bit. Dr. Larch wanted nothing more throughout the whole movie to teach Homer his practice and it seems to replace him one day. Homer never seems to want the same thing and it is a disgrace that when tragedy arises is when Homer decides to do what the Doctor wanted all along.

The movie (The Cider House Rules) is a realistic story about the ironic tragedies of life. At the beginning of the movie when Homer was born, Dr. Larch states he knew from the start Homer was special. I don’t think he knew I believe that was his...