My name is Tom I am a Chromosome. I go through many phases in the cycle. Interphase, Prophase, Metaphase, Anaphase, and Telophase. I go through all these phases and then duplicate. When we duplicate we make new cells that are exactly the same as me.
First, I go through Interphase. I the chromosome duplicate into two chromatid. Then one of the two chromatid goes through the phases. Then when the chromosome goes through all the phases, he duplicates too.
Second, I go through Prophase. I and my chromatid buddy are now visible and the spindle is beginning to form. The chromatid pairs are starting to pair up. Metaphase is staring to happen.
Third, I go through Metaphase. I and my buddies are lined up in the center of the cell; we are next to each other waiting for the next phase, which is Anaphase
Forth, I go through Anaphase. When I go through Anaphase me and my chromatid buddies are completely separated from each other. We had to do it because our friend nucleus and cytoplasm want to duplicate because they think they are getting to big and they also wanted to do it because they want new friends.
Fifth, I go through Telophase. Telophase is the most important phase of all. What Telophase does is it makes the cytoplasm duplicate to make two cells now. Then the cycle starts all over again.
The cycle is a very simple cycle. It has five phases that chromosomes like me have to go through everyday. So we could make more of our kind. Interphase usually happens all over again so we could make chromosomes.