Christopher Columbus

Christopher Columbus
Struan Reid
Drew Hisel

The title of my book is Christopher Columbus by Straun Reid. It is a nonfiction book. It was published by Heinemann Library in 2002. It has 48 pages in all.
The setting of my book is during the 13th – 15th century.1452 – 1506 in Spain, China, Europe, Portugal, Porto Santo, Japan, Atlantic Ocean, African, Southern Spain, LA, Rabida Palos. The main characters are Christopher and his men. During the 15th century, explorers were traveling farther away from their homes to find a better route east, because they hoped to find gold, silver, precious stones, and spices. Explorers returned and told map makers so they could draw more accurate maps without blank spaces.
As a boy, Christopher was inspired to sail to China, then known as Cathay after reading the account of travels of Marca Pola, a venetian in the 13. In 1492, Columbus had a small crew and set sail from Spain in three tiny ships, Columbus has no idea where they were going or what they would find. At the end, they discovered the continent America. Vikings from Scandinavia had sailed there 500 years earlier. It had been long forgotten by Europeans, the lands Christopher discovered were rich, fertile, and ruled by astonishing civilization.
Columbus never really understood the importance the new world brought fabulous riches into Europe, but at a price. Europeans destroyed ancient civilizations. Christopher was born in 1451 in the part of Genoa. He was the first child of Pomentico, a wool weaver, and Sussana. Christopher was followed by two brothers named Bartolomea and Diego, and a sister Bianchinetta. Another brother, Giovanni, died very young.
The family was poor and didn’t have enough money to put his children through basic education. While they were young, they worked in their father’s wool business. When Christopher and his family were growing up, Italy was not a United Country. He made up a number of cities-states.
At the end of the day, Christopher...