Christianity A2 Essay

Traditional Christian teaching rightly recognises that men and women are equal but different. Discuss. (35 marks).
Men and women are different in many ways, these include physically, emotionally and biologically. They have different roles and are seen differently by what they can and can’t do. From traditional Christian teaching and the bible men and women are seen and recognised as different because of many factors. One of the main differences noted out by Lisa Cahill whom argues that male and female gender roles are naturally complementary because of their sexual and reproductive functions which classes a major difference between them.
Augustine discusses the roles of men and women in a lot of detail. He argues that men and women were created equal but are different. He further goes on to say that both male and females were created in the image of God (Genesis 1:27) and they both share in God’s rational nature. However a women body is symbolically different. From this view of Augustine it shows that they have equal rights and were both created from the image of God, but in different aspects of his personality and being. Due to them both being in the image of God they have equal rights and cannot be viewed as one superior to one another.
Augustine teachings also state that the rational nature of male and females is designed to obey God and rule over animals, but a women’s body suggests that she is to be ruled over by the man as a help mate. This also shows that that they are equal in the fact that they are here to obey God and rule over animals, but differ in the concept of men using a women’s body as a help mate to fulfil his desires.
For Augustine there is also a difference in the functions of the soul for both men and women, he says a man soul is deliberative referring to his role in the world, in the public sphere the world of work whereas a women deliberative soul refers to her work in the private sphere as a wife, mother and homemakers. Her obedient soul...