Choosing the Right Manager

Choosing the Right Manager
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Choosing the Right Manager
As in any business it is important to get the right people in leadership/management positions. Without strong leaders, things will start to come apart at the seams; this is no good for any business. That being said I have outlined questions to ask and what we are looking for in a manager. After gathering what the qualifications are from the Service VP, I feel confident that we can now use this form to find the best candidates to fill the new department management position. Skills that we are looking for are conceptual, communication, effectiveness, and interpersonal; as well as someone with experience in planning, organizing, leading, and controlling a new service department to provide excellent customer service.  
Leadership Questions
1) What is your idea of strong customer service?
2) How would you manage the stress?
3) Can you take control of a group and get a job done even in difficult situation or deadlines?
4) Can you describe a time where you needed to help motivate co-workers to complete a difficult job?
5) What do you think being organized means? How do you currently say organized within work and personally?
6) Can you confidently communicate to all levels of employees both lower and higher then you?
7) How have you handled stressful or difficult situations within your job? Give examples.
8) What do you think interpersonal skills are and mean?
9) What do you think planning means?
10) What does excellence mean to you?  
(Determine Your Leadership Style, 2005)

The manager we are looking for needs to possess above all things the ability to lead and take charge, so the candidate needs to have a backbone. Next they need to have strong interpersonal skills, getting along with people is a must not only co-workers but customers as well. Customer service skills are a big one as one must have the ability to calm an irate customer down without costing...