Choosing the Family Dog

Choosing the family Dog
    Always remember that a dog is a living thing that needs a lot of love and care and comes in many shapes, and sizes and a great deal of thought should be put into making the right selection for your family and the dog.   Ownership of a dog is a serious undertaking, and requires a long term commitment.   Choosing a dog is a matter of personal taste, needs and restrictions.   Keep in mind that twelve years is the average lifespan of most dogs.   However some dogs may live to be seventeen years or more.   It is important that the decision to buy or adopt a dog has the approval of all family members since each will have a part in the care.   The age of the dog is important especially if adopting an older dog.   Depending on the age may require a longer adjustment period and may already have some bad habits that hopefully will be able to be corrected.   It is important to find out where the dog you are adopting came from and what he has been going through.   Some dogs that are in shelters could have been abused and that memory will stay with the dog for a long time.  
    If you are like most people you think of getting a puppy because they are so cute.   What is cuter than a little puppy?   Before you rule out an older dog, be sure you understand that there is more to a puppy than a cute little face and their silly antics.   They could grow up to be much bigger than you thought.   A puppy is usually sold at eight weeks of age and is a baby that requires a lot of care and attention which include three meals a day, and taking them out very often to house train, walking, obedience training, and veterinary attention.   Starting a puppy at a young age is the best to correct any bad habits they will certainly have in the growing process.   Please do not let anyone talk you out of crate training by telling you it is cruel.
    It is not cruel and the crate protects them from harm when you have to leave the house.   It would be cruel to leave a puppy...