Choosing an Essay Topic

Choosing An Essay Topic

Where to begin?   One of the hardest parts of writing is coming up with something to write about.   Ask any news reporter, novelist, or even editor.   The one thing that is almost always agreed on is what to write about.   Writing is the easy part once you have something to talk about, it can even be fun or relaxing.   So the question is where to begin?
To start, think of things that interest you.   It is always easier to write about something that holds your interest, if you want your readers’ interest.   This also makes the research on your topic go smoother.   If you like what you are reading about, there will be a plethora of information to write about.   There are so many areas to acquire a topic that makes the essay.   The news, current or historic, if you like real world events is all around.   You see news on the television, hear it on the radio, or read about it on news papers across the world.   There is also the community busy body, never count that out.   Granted news like that may not be reliable, but it is usually very entertaining.   Who says the topic has to be about real information?   Fantasy is a great way to use whatever you want for research.   Imagination is never ending.   There is always room for “How To Dance With a Two-headed Dragon on a Cloud”.   Topics for writing are everywhere, in everyday occurrences.   The topic you choose doesn’t have to be front page for everyone to read.   Especially if it is for an English class, in this case it really only has to be for one reader.   Now sometimes this makes it even harder to choose a topic.   This means not only will your essay be read; it will be taken apart and graded.   Thinking this way makes it even harder to come up with something to write about.   So try not to think of someone criticizing your essay, just breath and look around.   Thinking and writing is always easier if you remember to breath and relax.  
Starting is always the hardest part to everything not just writing an...