''Two minutes there Mrs. McCormack. I'll just Renew your books.'' I said absentmindly.

It was twenty minutes to seven [at night]. My shift had officially ended at six o Clock but Josephine, who was supposed to take over hadn't arrived yet. I wasn't worried. Jo wasn't usually late but my powers had told me she was stuck in traffic and would arrive at seven and a half minutes past seven. Just as I was finishing up with Mrs. McCormack the phone rang.

''Gupa City Libary. How Can I help you?''

It was Jo calling to explain that she was stuck in Traffic. Which I already knew but she wasn't to know that. I told that it was fine. After all I didn't have anywhere to be..that I wanted to go that was.

At exactly Seven and a half Minutes past seven Jo arrived. She was all apologizes for being late. Her hair was a mess. It looked like she hadn't brushed it for like, five years so she went into the bathroom to brush it. While She was in there, I sat at the Computer and tried to think of ways to get out of this .....this.....this outrageous meeting!

''Sorry. I was wondering if you had the new Micheal Corcaron novel.''

I looked up and saw a mortals vision of an angel. Of course I knew what they really look like and believe me the only thing that sets them apart from lookwise are their wings. He had sandy hair which managed to looked light and dark at the same time,. His eyes! They were green, blue and....```.......Golden? all at the same time. He was about 6ft7 and was dressed in very casual but nice clothes. He had a double Cleft Chin. I realized he was looking expectantly at me for answer.

''Um, I think we do. Let me just check. Do you have your card with you?'' I said Quickly.

''Yes'' And he promptly handed it to me as he did so he gave me one of those smiles, the kind that could properly cause car accidents. I read the Name on the card : Kyle Mason. It was weird but the name suited him. I typed in Micheal Corcaron Recent publications and clicked search....