Chinese E Waste

As a developing country, China now is not doing well enough in many aspects, and e-waste is one of the major problems. While being the recycling center of the world, China itself produces large amount of e-waste. The wrong way of waste disposal, and excessive e-waste entering and produced by China itself, are all major issues China have to address. 
Actually, the core of China’s e-waste problems lies in the wrong way of e-waste disposal. For example, in the Guiyu Town of Shantou, China, the villagers make a living by handling wastes, but in the wrong way, which causes contamination of local soil and water by large amount of heavy metals and toxic substances. The water is no longer drinkable. According to [1]what’s reported by the environmental group “the Basel Action Network” (BAN), Lead content in local water was more than twice that of EU safety standards, and 70% of local children are lead-poisoned. However, no active measurement has been carried out by local government to address this problem. I wish that [3]government could change the current situation.

 70% of the world’s e-waste is dumping to China, possibly because the low price.   Why [2] so many e-waste into China is very strange.possibly because the low price.Whether Or Not [2]the thing will happen depends on the two side.For European and American companies, it would be a great cost to deal with the e-waste as required by the law, while the cost would be reduced to 1% of [1]what it would be to deal with the waste on their own, if the e-waste is dumped to China through the North Coast Company. Meanwhile, unscrupulous merchants in China would extract metals in these e-waste using the most “cheap” approach, caring little about [1]what the consequences would be. Notably, these unscrupulous merchants would be fined only 500,000 Yuan, while [1]what they gained from such behavior were 10 times of that. That [2]e-waste will change china is certain. 

China is also the world’s second largest e-waste...