Chinese Cinderella Reflection Essay

Our project is Chinese Cinderella Comic. We chose to do a comic first since we like group work and we don’t have enough people for a play. China was our only choice because we hate Japan and we have no idea about anything in Korea. The Chinese Cinderella came to us. It was very interesting. This story is almost exactly like the Disney Cinderella, but was written eight hundred years ago. It’s quite interesting that two people of such different times have the same idea. I like the story.
The sources we used... well, we can’t find much. We only found one website and did it from memory from the fourth grade reading text book. We learned it I fourth grade. The most helpful one was the website. We can’t remember clearly what happened in the story form fourth grade. It’s a long time after all.
We chose group work because we don’t like working alone. We didn’t start until the last Monday because we totally forgot we h ad to do this. I remembered it and got started to draw. Katherine wouldn’t help. I can’t convince her, so I drew everything, and colored half of it. Finally, Katherine decided she wanted to color, but forgot to. We had to rush trough the rest of the coloring on Thursday night. I’d say our time management was horrible. The good part was I learned how to draw Chinese people, but the bad part was that Katherine wouldn’t help until we’re desperate of time.
We didn’t learn a lot of things since we know the story in fourth grade. We learned that it was written eight hundred years ago. I learned how to draw ancient Chinese people and now I’m quite stuck with it. If we ever have the chance to do it again, I would have a WAY better time management. I am very satisfied with my drawings, but I am NOT one bit satisfied with the last few pages of coloring.
Doing the Chinese Cinderella comic was fun, but also very “brain killing.” Making up what kind of clothes and clothes color was hard. The hairstyle was the hardest of all. The ancient Chinese women had many...