China-U.S. Trade

China-U.S. trade
It is a study of China-U.S. trade situation. We can learn from three aspects to discuss, exchange tate in RMB, trade imbalance, and intellectual property. In first aspect, the Sino-US relations sank into a deadlock whether the exchange rate in RMB should revalue. In second aspect, I studies the trade balance made the current account to know situation of two countries. I found that trade surplus in China, profits in U.S. In third aspect, it hard to solve the problems completely because of huge population. However, it is a way that U.S to achieve more benefits in China.

Main Body
A serious economic crisis result from subprime mortgage crisis was coming in 2008, almost developed countries could servive from it. The bad impact on around the world, and when every government worried about GDP falling except China government maintain the economy growing trends. As is known to all, China economy grows quickly beyond our imagination. So far, china remains the largest holders of jewelry necklaces U.S. Treasury bonds. There are three problems between China and U.S , exchange tate in RMB, trade imbalance, and intellectual property.

China exchange rate in RMB
In recent years, US becomes the world’s biggest debtor nations, and China is the largest second creditor of US. Because of economic crisis, US make mesure to devaluate currency to reduce the loss of recession, lighten their financial loads, rescure the coorporations which stands on a high wire, and tackle the unemployment problem. At the same time, it has a serious shrinking of China’s foreign reserves. Unfortunately, this measure has a little effect on recession. Then U.S presented a statement that China government controls the exchange rate in public, and gave China strong pressure growing on China to revalue currency.
Despite the impact of the global financial crisis and all kinds of other difficulties, the Chinese government has actively tried to boost domestic consumption and...