China Light Steel Frame Market 2015-2020 Research and Investment Prospect

5.3 Market Demand Analysis and Forecast in China

5.3.1 Demand Characteristics

Steel used as the bearing structure of light steel structure residence should be Q235-B, Q345-B or Q340-A steels,   their   quality   should   comply   with   the   current   National   Standards:   GB/T 700: Carbon Structural Steels and GB/T1591: High Strength Low Alloy Structural Steels respectively. When other brands of steels are used, the corresponding regulations and requirements should be met.

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The steels used in light steel structure should have conformity guarantees in respects of tensile strength, elongation rate, yield strength as well as contents of phosphorus and sulphur. For the steels used for welding bearing structure, the conformity guarantees of carbon content and bend test should be available.

The ratio of measured value of yield strength to that of tensile strength for the bearing steel structure with seismic-resistance requirements should be less than 0.85, the elongation rate should be large than 20%.

The strength design value and physical properties of steels should comply with the related regulations in current national standards: GB50017: Code for design of steel structures and GB50018: Technical code of cold-formed thin-wall steel structures.

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5.3.2 Main Regional Distribution

With the rising of labor force costs on the Southeast Coast of China, the former large-scale manufacturing enterprises with sufficient capitals in this region transfer their capacities into Midwest of China successively, so as to reduce costs. The large manufacturing enterprises in other regions also transfer their capacity voluntarily into west region. Household electric appliance enterprises and electronic...