China: Harlots More Respected Than Officials

China at 60: Prostitutes more Reliable than Communist Party

--Dr. Yukteshwar Kumar

Confucius said: “Sanshi er li, Liushi er ershun” (At thirty, I stood up while at sixty, my ear became an obedient organ for the reception of truth). People’s Republic of China is turning 60 today and let us assess how obedient its’ ear is today, or in the coming 60 years, it will continue to propagate itself with the fibbed tantrums and half baked truth with a deaf ear, reluctant to hear naked realities bytes.

60 years ago, on 1st October, Mao Zedong proclaimed from the ramparts of Tiananmen, “Zhongguo renmin zhan qilai le” (Chinese people have stood up) but in reality, Chinese had not stood up till 1979, till it had turned 30 as Confucius had rightly remarked several hundred years back.

In the first 30 years, China was ravaged with famines, border wars with almost all its neighboring nations, incorrect policies of the great leap forward and the great proletariat cultural revolution in which more than 36 million people were prosecuted and several hundred thousands petit bourgeois, small chieftains, petty landlords and intellectuals were murdered. Many committed suicide and the prominent among them were--Lao She, the great novelist and story writer. “Beggars were also needed to be killed, because they did not live on their own labor”, Mao Guangrong, an octogenarian recalls the first three decades of the new China in his recent interview to the Guardian.

Owing to autocrat Mao’s incorrect policies, more than 20 million people died during that time and Chinese economy was in tattered shape. Economic output fell by over 30% and the architect of the modern China, Deng Xiaoping while referring to this period said, “It had created an entire generation of mental cripples”.

Till 1970’s India was doing far better than China in most of the economic parameters and a former Indian envoy had then said, it will take years for Beijing and Shanghai to match Delhi, Mumbai or Chennai....