Chili Fest Folks

SOC 101
Journal Writing Assignment One

Today is Saturday and it’s a typical Michigan winter day, some clouds in the sky, a bit windy,   light snow, cold but not unbearable.   We, my 3 teen daughters and I, are at the Chilly Fest in Pt. Huron.   This event is being held both indoors and outside at the McMorran Place.   There are all different age groups here but I did notice many families grouped together enjoying the activities.   The first thing we did was head indoors to find the Chili Cook Off.   We encountered this huge line of people all crowded together.   I did not know what the line was for but got in it just in case it was something fun to do.   I observed that the people around me were not smiling and in fact looked a bit upset.   After a few minutes the girls pointed out to me that I had cut in line, the line went much further back.   This was not very observant on my part and I removed myself from the line.   I now understood what all the unhappy faces were for!   What I wondered is why most people just don’t politely say something like Ma’am I’m sorry but you must not have noticed the end of line is back there.   Are people too uncomfortable or shy to point out this small injustice, wouldn’t that be easier then standing there silently fuming.     We have now found the chili.   There are 15 restaurants competing for your attention and all happily handing out samples of their chili.   I watched different individuals as they took the chili, some were quiet or shy about it and would take the sample and walk away, while others stood there eating it and chatting with the cooks.   There were approximately 10 round tables set up and they were all filled.   What struck me was how many people were just sitting there with their family members (or so it looked) but not talking with each other, just gazing off in to space.   It could be due to the big loud crowd, I am not sure.   There were a few couples or small groups standing around drinking a beer or some other beverage...