Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

Chilean Copper Mine Collapse

Pat Jones


Ronald Baker

      When dealing with a natural tragedy like the Chilean Copper Mine Collapse there are a lot of factors that need to be taken into consideration when dealing with mishaps like this. There are legal factors that need to be considered first before the company can outreach to anyone. The first release will be the one to the families and internal staff of the mining company. The second will be the statement made to the local news and general public. Will show how the organization plans to ensure how the statements are not misinterpreted.

      The first statement should be made to families and staff in a face to face setting so that the families can see the concern and worry that the company has for all the miners that are directly involves and those that are indirectly involved. The statement should be face to face so that there is a chance to explain what is known and what is in the planning stages the rectify the situation and free the trapped miners. The statement will also inform all that are impacted by the incident of the different channels that are going to be in place or are already in place to help all that are impacted to get the help that they are going to need. The statement would also detail the latest plan to get the trapped miners out of the mine. It would also include the locations of where the mines were working and where the closest safety point where food, water, and fresh air is located. The family and coworkers statement would be more frequent then the other statements that would be released to other media outlets. The family and coworkers statements would also outline and introduce the key personnel that is there to help the group with any services that would be needed to help them deal with the tragedy at hand.

      The family and coworkers statement would be more on a personal level because of the nature of...