Childrens Sports Injuries

Children's Sports Injuries

      Sports are an instrumental part of childhood. Parents have made a habit of taking kids from practice to practice all year long. Pick a season and head to a park or gym and you will see many children partaking in many different sports. Practices and games have been as big of part of childhood as homework and birthday parties. With these sports comes pressure to perform as well as undue pressure and unrealistic expectations from parents. Injuries have always been a part of sports, but now we are not just looking at scraped knees, bumps and bruises. Injuries are becoming more serious and more common as children’s sports are being played at a higher level than ever before. Club teams and year round competition have taken youth sports to a new dynamic, and sports injuries in kids are resembling those injuries we see in top adult athletes. These injuries however are more detrimental in children as it halters their growth and development. This paper will provide an overview of youth sports injuries, examine factors that contribute to them and also take a closer look at the treatment and prevention of children’s sports injuries. Further examination of the social pressures and team dynamics that have changed over the past few decades will also be visited.

Social Pressures of Sports

      The social norms of sports performance and expectation have varied through generations. Moving from an era in which childhood sports were considered a simple pleasure and not purely based off of performance and statistics. Sports teach lessons in winning and losing, with the pressure of winning being one of the first true pressures that some children feel. As children get accustomed to coaching and being coached, there coaches are some of the first people that apply pressure to them. Many sports psychologists have studied the effects of coaching and the amount of training coaches have become a factor. In youth sports, coaches have a wide...