What am I doing?
I choose to go to college to become something of myself. I feel that college can give me an opportunity to show my greatness that I know I am made of. I feel Montclair is going to be my stepping stone to my future. At Montclair I plan to learn to find out who I really am and what I want in life. At this time I am meeting new interesting people, having fun at the same time, learning how to be an adult, and learning more things to expand my brain.
The first thing I stated that I am doing is meeting interesting friends. They say in college you meet your lifelong friends. I strongly believe that you do because everybody is suppose to be do mature so making friends without drama is easy. I choose to dorm for my first year of college because I felt that it be way easier to go to my classes and get my work done. My roommates are great and funny girls they make my stay at Montclair so much better. We became a family in this short amount of time. We learn our pet peeves we learn our likes and dislikes, we also learn how to respect each other privacy.   Furthermore by living on campus I have access to other dorms, my best friend from high school lives in the dorm next to me. At that dorm it is all freshmen and it can get really crazy at times. This is the place I have the most laughs at, I always meet somebody new by just sitting outside the dorms but I never remember their names to many times. I am still trying to meet more people so this is still a work in progress.
The other challenge I am facing is becoming an adult. When you enter the doors of college you are on your own and it’s time to grow up. When I lived with my parents I really never had to do anything my mom would always do the laundry wake me up for school and cook me dinner so I never was hunger. However college is a whole new ball game and I have to do my own laundry, wake myself up, and go get food for myself. I learning to do things for myself I am facing the real world and trying to...