Children Communications

Below are a list of methods of how people with different backgrounds may use to communicate;-
  1. Deaf
  2. Language barrier
  3. Age of Parents
  4. Ethnic Background
  5. Behaviour
Deaf (Refer to outcome 2)
Language (Refer to outcome 2)
Age of Parents
A child with a parent of a younger age may have a bigger communication problem than a child with a parent of an older age or even a grandparent. The way in which these above categories communicate ‘may’ differ slightly due to factors such as how mature the adult may be, or the way their social life is or even how they were bought up to communicate. For example you may have young mother and father parent figure who have a more immature way of communicating such as shouting and using abusive language as where an older generation adult may communicate more by using methods such as talking and having a more calmer way of communicating.
Ethnic Backgrounds
With ethnicity usually the main obstacle is language communication; however the way in which you would get around this would be to take up the learning of a single language in which either parties or more could understand. Other ways different ethnicities could communicate would maybe be through hand gestures
A typical example here would be for instance if you had a child who was highly frustrated he or she may use hitting, throwing toys and screaming at yourself to highlight that they want something or have not got their own way and are trying to make that clear to yourself. Another instance would be the child pointing – This would be a way of communicating without using speech.