Childminding Task 4

Task 4
My Business Plan
Starting up my childminding business I have looked at marketing myself by advertising on websites like Netmums KCMA Mumsnet and on Early years. I will attend meet the minder events and look at going to toddler groups and childminder drop in centres in my area and make business cards and advertise at local school and let the school office know of my details if any parents ask. I have Commercial Car Insurance and I am registered with HMRC, KCMA and looking at joining Morton Michel or NCMA for my publiclability Insurance.
Contracted rates per chld
 7.30am – 5.00pm Inculding a snack £5 per hour
 Before 7.30am and after 5.00pm £2.50 per 15 minutes per child
 Bank Holidays are full pay
 Fees are charged for 52 weeks of the year and include 4 weeks paid holiday at full pay.
Meal charges
 Breakfast £1.00
 Lunch £1.50
 Dinner £2.00 (under 8’s) £3.00 (8+)
Receipts will be issued on payment
If your child is ill or does not attend the agreed contracted hours full fees will be charged.
Retainer fee
If I have availability which you wish to reserve for a future date then a payment of half- fees will be required to secure the place for your child. The retainer fee will not be refunded if you decide not to take up the place as agreed.
If you require
e term time only child care , then a retainer fee will apply to the half term and school holidays to ensure your space is kept.

Payment types
 Online bank transfer
 Cash
 Childcare Vouchers
Childcare tax credit
As a registered Childminder you may be able to claim some of your childcare costs. Call tax credit helpline to find out if your eligible. If you are then please ask for my registration number.
Employers Childcare Vouchers
If you are an employee, you might be able to get childcare voucher scheme where your employer pays part of your salary in the form of childcare vouchers. Both parents can each claim. I am very happy to give any vouchers scheme a trial but also reserve...