Childminding Medicine Policy

Adminstration and Storage of Medicines and Medical Equipment Policy

As a childcare provider I will ensure that I implement an effective procedure to meet the individual needs of a child when administering medicines. In order to achieve this I will do the following:

  * Keep written records of all medicines administered to children in my care.
  * Inform parents when a medicine has been administered including the time and dosage.
  * All medicines will be stored in the medicine box on top shelf in the front room and kept strictly in accordance with the product instructions and in the original container in which it was dispensed.
  * I will obtain prior written permission from parents for each and every medicine to be administered before any medication is given.
  * I will work in partnership with parents to ensure the correct medication, dosage etc is given.
  * If the administration of prescription medicine requires technical/medical knowledge then I will attend training from a qualified health professional. The training should be specific to the child in question.
  * If any of my staff are involved in the administration of a prescription medicine that requires technical/medical knowledge then I will ensure that they have attended individual training from a health care professional, specific to the child in question.
  * Prescription medication will only be administered to the child it is prescribed for by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist.
  * Non-prescription medication such as pain and fever relief will only be administered with parents’ previous written consent and only when there is a health reason to do so.
  * I will never administer medicines containing aspirin to a child under the age of 16 unless they have been prescribed by a doctor.
  * If I do not administer the medicine whilst the child is in my care I will inform parents of who will be responsible for the administration of medicines to their child.
  * If I have...