(2.1) identify which legislations and codes of practice relating to equality, diversity and discrimination apply to me.
Equality Act 2010.
inclusive practice and keeping safe
Positive relationships by respecting each other
supporting learning using a key person per child

Early Years must have a policy regarding equality of opportunities to support children with learning difficulties or disabilities. They also have a SEN code of practice which is followed.

Responsibility to ensure positive attitudes to diversity and differences in childcare settings.

my setting we have Equality and Diversity, SEN and disability policies in place to help support and protect all individuals that access our service.

Data protection Act 1998.
The SENCO   have access to confidential information regarding a child in their care, so you need to comply with this law and follow the eight principles of good practice. Data must be:
• Fairly and lawfully processed.
• Processed for limited purposes.
• Information should be adequate for what it is going to be used for, relevant and not excessive.
• Information must be accurate.
• Information not to be kept longer than necessary.
• Processed in accordance with the data subjects rights.
• Secure.
• Not transferable to others without permission and adequate protection.

The Education Act 1993 placed a duty on the government to issue a code of practice for children with additional needs and to revise it from time to time. The first Code of Practice came into effect in 1994, this code gave a definition of “Special education and needs” which still remain in effect today in The Education Act 1996.
The Educational Act 1993 took over 10 years to arrive. It brought in time restrictions for completing assessments of special Educational needs (additional needs) and an SEN tribunal

Race Relations Act 1976 and 2002.
Employers can’t discriminate when they are recruiting new staff).

The Race Relations Act 1976 is an Act of...