My chosen topic area of care for Lucile is continence, Lucile is a 72 year old women living in a house alone with her daughter in-law as her only carer who lives locally, Lucile’s health has been deteriorating in last 2 and they receive no help from services such as social care. She has had numerous falls she is a smoker with a productive cough with yellow sputum, she does not drink likes to read an go church she wears glasses as she has poor eyesight, Lucile usually mobilises with a walking stick but is now immobile due to latest fall.
  This admission has come about a fall she has had the morning she presents with several bruises to her upper body pain in her right hip, mild confusion, incontinence indigestion. Current medications are gaviscon when required ibuprofen and aspirin. Her observations were as follows saturations 95% temperature 37.8 heart rate 96 b/p 120/70 respirations 25 shallow and regular and ketones proteins and leukocytes are present in her urine.
  In the assignment I will looking at a continence assessment tool and using it to assess Lucile’s continence analysing the tool to see good and bad points of the tool in regards to assessing Lucile   and looking at national guidelines policies that give the best practice for managing continence. I will then analyse the care that she needs whilst she is admitted such as appropriate referrals and investigations that will be needed with consent gained.  
  As continence is not Lucile’s only health issue I will look and analyse the holistic impacts continence has other aspects of her life understand how she may be feeling. And putting referrals in place for her continued care one she is discharged.
I have chosen to use a continent tool to asses Lucile’s management of her continence. The tool asks for general information such as name date of birth medical and surgical history and any medication currently being taken. The tool begins by asking a series of questions on lifestyle factors, such as do...