1.2 Describe the roles of different agencies involved in safeguarding the welfare of young children and young people.

The social workers are employed by the social services department. They work with the families who have an abuse issue or the families act as a dysfunctional so they are their to help them to come out from the conflict.
School has a responsibility that all the children come to school every day on time, in proper uniform, with their homework done. If the child not progressing, giving attitude to the other school mates and the teachers, and not behaving as told to do so. In that situation school step in and find out where the error is, that child acting like this.
Heath visitor work with the parents to give information and keep record of the under 5 year old children. They work with the first time mothers to inform them how   to look after your baby,like feeding, hearing test, immune injection on time, what kind of sign to look for if any issue they have with the baby.
Police responsibility that children do not get involve in any kind of crime. If the child is involve in sex abuse or physical abuse so remove them from that family and carry out the procedure to resolve the problem. If child is left alone in the car or in the house is also a criminal offence.
Dentist have a responsibility to check the under 16 or full time education student teeth every six months time free of cost. Keep the record of their teeth or if is their ant thing referring them to the hospital. Some young children eat to much chocolate make sure they brush their teeth atlas twice a day. Keep the sugary food to low.