Task A                                           Physical Development

Age Range | Description of stage | An example of how this impacts on another aspect of development. Choose two of the following and briefly explain the impact:Social and emotional, communication, intellectual, behavioural |
0-3 months |     * Hold hands open and closed (clasped).   * Shapes, sounds, colours and can easily feel overwhelmed.   * Fingers are always held in a tight fist. | Intellectual: It is showing that they are developing new skills.Behaviour: To change their attitude.Communication: They want to have the person near them. |
3-6 months |     * Recognises voices and turns their head towards you.   * Play with their fingers.   * They are able to left their head and chest when they are on their tummy. | Emotional: It is because they look at their mum also because they want something.Emotional: The child might be frustrated.Intellectual: Developing new skills. |
6-9 months |     * Start crawling.   * Make sounds themselves, not only verbally but by banging objects together.   * Roll over, from front to back and back to front | Intellectual: Making their way towards you.Communication: Making noise by banging toys together.Behaviour/differently. |
9-12 months |     * Walk while holding on to furniture.   * Hold a spoon, requiring help to use it.   * Use the tip of the index finger and thumb to pick up small items. | Intellectual: Learning how to walk.Emotional: Teaching themselves how to hold a spoon.Communication: Telling their mum they want something. |
1-2 years |     * Starting to show hand preference.   * By two years, most toddlers can go down stairs while holding on, but will put both feet on the step before moving to the next.   * Their language understanding is improving, so they can remember two things at once- for example, ‘Get the ball and bring it to daddy’. | Behaviour: prefer to use one hand.Social and Emotional: Moving step to step.Social: Picking new words...