Assignment 6.2 – Describe the roles of national policies relating to children young people and families.

Every child matters
A school role in every child matters is to make sure every child or young person in their setting achieve the highest educational standards they possibly can. Also schools as an organisation has to ensure attendance for all children and young people. In relation to every child matters schools have to encourage and help parents actively support their children's learning. Also they have to encourage pupils to behave responsibly and give them a strong voice. A school should deal with any bullying and discrimination appropriately and fairly. A school setting in relation to every child matters have to try and promote healthy lifestyles and keep the children and young people in their setting safe.

A school in relation to   OFSTED has to encourage high quality provision for children or young people in their setting. A school has to notify all parents when their setting is due to be inspected by OFSTED. Also they have to provide evidence that will enable the inspectors to report honestly. However a school has a duty to notify relevant bodies that they are been inspected. A school has to work alongside inspectors to ensure a honest report of the setting. A school should apply their own codes of conduct in dealing with inspectors and also they have to notify bodies who are providing alternative provision.

Safeguarding and Child Protection policies.
Schools have to make sure all children or young people in their setting is protected and they need to make sure all children and young people have the same protection. However a school must work with other professionals and challenge any discrimination so children or young people who have disabilities or of a different ethnicity can access the services they need. A school has to act appropriately when a cause for concern arises and protect privacy and confidentiality where possible....