Childcare Level 3

Describe how you act in class in order to be an effective role model ?
I imagine that every student is an open vacuum taking in everything possible from every angle and in every way. Realizing this vulnerability I treat them all as if they only have three months to live and it is my resolve that will give me the strength to offer as much Information in as little amount of time as I can. And do so without swearing. I offer them respect, teach them dedication, show examples of determination and direct learning with passion and winning. What comes is desire to learn the decision making process from the standpoint of all of life is but a myriad of decisions and making the right choices gives the clear path (direction) of long and fruitful lives. Life is competitive and nothing is a handout. They learn whatever you give them to learn. Students are learning even with bad grades, they learn by understanding our role is but a small example of how life could be. Teaching is pointing out how life should be and giving the opportunity to the students to know the difference.
Treat everyone (pupils, colleagues, parents) with respect; listen to people when they speak; show pleasure in learning; be prepared to acknowledge your mistakes and what you don't know and to recognise how to learn from them. Treat all with respect.
If you have a long "boring" topic to teach, try to find an anecdote or light joke to break up the tedium. But be careful, not to rely on this to fully lighten the mood of the students.
Listen to students when they ask a question.
Don't fob them off with trivial answers. If you don't know say you will come back to them AND KEEP TO IT!! .They will appreciate that you DO care!
Admit mistakes and appologise, thank them for pointing them out. It shows you are human!.
Act more like an uncle or aunt with an air of authority (rather than a domineering teacher), be firm but fair!!
It works with me at a sixth form college where I deal with failing and disaffected...