Childcare Level 3 Unit 1

Unit 1 – An introduction to working with children

E1 and E2:

There are 3 different types of settings which provide care and education for children. These are separated into 3 different sectors, Statutory, Private and Voluntary.

Statutory Sector:

Statutory setting are services that have to be available by law. These services are usually funded by either central or local government. These funds are usually collected in the way of taxation and usually distributed in the way of grants. Sometimes there is not enough government provision to provide for the care of children. When this happens, the government 'buy in' services from other sectors and pay for their services. This can be in the role of a school like Stukeley Meadows Primary school. They aim to support children through after school activities, extra help in classes if a child needs more support. They work with the adults through a meet and greet everyday between 8:40am and 9:00am where one of the teachers at the school are open to any questions that parents and adults may have and they will try to resolve it within that time they have or they'll be invited back to the school at another time for another meeting. They also have parents evening where parents can meet their child's teacher, workshops so parents can be taught what the children are learning in school so that the parents can support their child and themselves as it means the parent can help the child at home.    
(Stukeley Meadows Primary School, 2013)

Voluntary Sector:

These are services that are provided by organisations such as charities. They provide for a 'gap' in provision where there is a need. These services are funded by donations, fee income for some services provided and some charities receive government grants. They're a non-profit group all profits that are made are put towards better equipment. The Boys Bridge are a Charity organisation and they keep themselves going on the donations that are given to them. They...