Childcare Level 2 Notes

Unit 5
  * Give and receive information-parents daily activities, incidents
  * Give and receive instructions-understand what’s requires in activities and emergency’s
  * Discuss situations
  * Make a point or voice concern
  * Express a need
  * Negotiate
  * Childs progress
  * Childs home life
  * Lead activities i.e. Storytelling
  * Partnering/talking with parents-being clear about what you’re saying-respond quickly showing you know their child and respect them make sure they have the means to understand if second language-respect and confidentiality-positive body language.
Feel respected and value their child prepared to give time & listen improve learning if communicate well.
  * Talking to colleagues- regular communication in the right place and using the correct language, stick to the point and be clear if giving instructions be professional and positive/creates effective team professional working relationship help child develop as well as me professionally.
  * Talking with children-eye contact/their level-restate and use open ended questions allowing them to absorb as well as being consistent develops trust and feel respected positive reflection in learning development- feel safe.

  * Important to understand verbal and non-verbal reactions
  * May relate to personality
  * May have to adapt way you communicate due to certain reactions
  * Observe a range to know how to respond
  * Children express what they can’t say in variety of ways-lower eyelids/embarrassed, screaming/ confused-angry

  * Physical-bad lighting/noise effects concentrations/staff absence meetings can be cancelled or hurried
  * Organisational-unclear structure so unsure how to communicate/lack of clarification of roles within setting
  * Attitudinal-personality conflicts/lack of motivation or positive attitude at work
  * Personal- personal issues such as health or worries within home relationships
  * Language and...