Childcare Legislation


Children Act 1989
• In your own words, briefly explain the focus of this legislation.

The focus of this was on child protection and welfare. Meeting the needs of the child, to keep them safe and looked after properly at all times, whether they are in the care of parents or the local authorities. Understanding that children have rights too.

• In what way did the Act adopt a child-centred approach to court orders?

The courts must always take children’s views into account, and that children should not be removed from their parents unless their safety is at risk.

Children Act 2004
Expand each of the 5 outcomes from Every child Matters in your own words. Use an example if possible:

• Being healthy
For parents, carers and families to promote healthy lifestyle choices for a child. There are different areas of ‘being healthy’, physically, mentally, emotionally, and sexually healthy, all are relevant to a having a healthy child.

• Staying safe
A child can be at risk from crime & antisocial behaviour (in and out of school), bullying, discrimination, accidental injury/death, maltreatment, neglect, violence and sexual exploitation. In order to try and keep them safe from these potential risks, parents, carers and families should provide a safe environment, stability and security at all times for the child.

• Enjoying and achieving
Parents, families and carers need to support and encourage learning, this will help the child to achieve the best they can through their academic years. They will also enjoy learning if they are being supported in the right way e.g. bedtime stories being read to them will help promote reading, helping with homework and projects can be enjoyable for child and adult, creating a bond through learning together.

• Making a positive contribution
To promote positive behaviour for a child, parents, families and carers can encourage, support and advise the child to engage in decision making,...