Child & Young Person Development

Explain the different areas of child development from 0-19.

|Age             |Physical Development                   |Communication & Intellectual         |Social Emotional and Behavioural       |
|                 |                                       |Development                         |Development                           |
|0-3             |This is where children learn and       |At this stage children tend to use   |They will have strong attachments with|
|                 |develop most.                         |body language to communicate. They   |their main carers. They may begin to   |
|                 |They go from not being able to do     |start smiling when they are happy   |play with other babies and start to   |
|                 |anything to becoming slightly         |and they cry when something is       |make friends as they may attend       |
|                 |independent.                           |wrong. They begin to recognise       |nursery or pre-school. They will still|
|                 |They start as tiny babies with the     |things and point, wave and babble   |use crying to show their emotions as   |
|                 |ability to grasp (like your finger)   |this is until they learn to talk and|they do not yet know any other way to |
|                 |and extending to simple things like   |then they use speech to communicate |express although they will also have   |
|                 |holding up their own head and playing |for the rest of there lives.         |tantrums when they are frustrated.     |
|                 |with their hands and feet. They start |They may start to learn to count     |                                       |
|                 |to roll over, Sit up and to crawl.     |basic numbers.                       |                                       |
|                 |Take Their first steps. Using mainly   |                                     |                                       |
|                 |gross motor skills at this...