Child Study Evaluation

Child Study Evaluation
I enjoyed completing the child study on Sam even though I thought at times it was rather long winded and took a lot of hard work and time.
If I had chance to do my child study again, I think that I would prefer to complete it on a younger child. The reason I say this, is because I seem to enjoy working with very young children a lot more and would find it much more interesting and motivating   to discover more about their intellectual needs at a younger age.

I consider that my strengths in this child study coursework were that I completed the studies well and to the best of my ability. I believe that I interacted with Sam well and that he responded to me in a positive manner. As a result of doing this child study on Sam, I think that I understand him better and that it has helped to build a bond between myself and my cousin Sam.
I think that I completed my record sheets well as they included the questions about Sam’s intellectual abilities during the activities that we did together, for instance; Memory skills – does he remember the primary colours, blue, green, yellow and red?   I also think that one of my strengths was how confidently I interacted with Sam and his positive responses to both me and the activities that I chose.

On completing this child study coursework, I discovered that I had the above mentioned strengths but I also discovered that I had many weaknesses too. Time was a big issue for me, I seemed to struggle with the deadlines and I was falling behind with my visits to Sam’s house.   To improve this, I need to be more organised with my activities and my time. If I were to do this child study again, I would make sure that I complete all my activities during a one day period and observe Sam from late morning till the evening. I believe this would have made it easier for me, as I was arranging and visiting Sam’s house in a last-minute fashion rather than being organised.

I did not find any difficulties in completing...