Child Studies, Year 12 -

Lunchbox task

In our world today, children are exposed to many different foods that might not be necessarily doing them any good in the long run. There is a strong need to encourage young children to eat healthily and getting the right nutrition for the child’s future can be difficult. It’s not only difficult for the parents but for the child as well to find the right foods to eat. Families today are up against a lot with prices of food and the promotion of junk food coming across more than it used to. Junk food is quicker and therefore easier on parents to buy but may cause obesity in the child’s life later on. Although it helps parents with little time on their hands, the children still don’t get the nutrition they need. The best way they would get the requirements is from a good nutritious home cooked meal.

‘Good nutrition is important for all, especially for those younger than five years as these years are demanding for the developing child. They are the years in which children acquire many of the physical attributes and the social and psychological structures for life and learning’ (1)

Children grow significantly during childhood recommending 3 serves of dairy for strong bones and teeth, 2 serves of fruit and 5 serves of vegetables for vitamin C, 3 serves of cereal for iron and zinc is needed for tissue repair. The size of a child’s stomach is very small and meals need to be served in small amounts.

By encouraging children to eat healthy foods, we are teaching them what foods are good for us and what foods are not. Making sure they get their daily intake will ensure they grow up strong and healthy. But healthy eating will not stop children from becoming obese, they also need to exercise. Research has been conducted that shows obese children spend more than 4 hours in front of the television or playing video games than out exercising.

I believe that children who are acquiring the right nutritional foods will be enthusiastic throughout...