Child Restraint

Child restraint systems for young passengers in cars are very important because in 2005 there was an average of 4 deaths and 556 injuries a day because of motor vehicle accidents.   More than half that died were not restrained.   It is very important to make sure that the children are protected and safe because they are not capable of taking as much damage as an older person.
If you do not restraint your child correctly the worst outcome of the accident would be death for the child. That is really unfair to the child just because you did not want to restrain them properly.   They did not make the law of restraining children properly for no reason.   If you do not follow the law then you can end up in prison or even losing your child eventually.
Nothing will prevent death from a huge accident but it would be a lot safer with the child restrained if you happened to get into an accident.   The state law says that you have to restrain your child properly so that they can be safe.   It is the same thing for adults they have to wear there seat belts or else they will get a ticket or just a warning but still it is the law.
Well that was all my research on the child restraint system for young passengers in cars.   It is very important to keep yourself and your child safe.   It is the law and it is never right to break the law unless it is for a good cause but not having your child safe if not a good cause.