Child Psych: Fictional Baby Conception to Birth

Darrell and Jess are a happy, loving, and socioegonomically comfortable (upper-middle class),. Darrell grew up in Tenafly NJ, is 43 years old,   is Caucasian (half Irish and half Italian) and works as a well-respected chiropractor in the area. Jess grew up in Lodi, NJ, is of African-American decent, 29 years old, has type 2 diabetes, and works as a real estate lawyer.
The two actually met about 4 and a half years ago when Jess went to see Darrell for her sciatica. After the appropriate doctor-patient relationship starts to drift in a “not so professional direction”; Darrell refers Jess to one of her colleagues. The two started dating shortly after and two years later the couple is married at a beautiful beach ceremony in Long Island (Mauntauk, NY).
After the couple settles in, several months after their honeymoon in in Cancun, Mexixo, which may I add was a trip of a lifetime, Jess and Darrell discuss wanting a child together. Idealistically they’d want a baby in their life ASAP, but realistically they have some concerns due to Jess being diabetic and Darell having a narrow urethra (Urethral Stricture Disease). They see a fertility expert who describes certain ways they can boost male fertility naturally without   resorting to more costly and serious measures; but regardless still being informed about options he can possibly take. Darrell would be lying if he said that he did all of the doctors recommendation but   what he did do included: changing from briefs to boxer underwear, wearing looser pants, certain stretches, no more hot baths, avoiding plastic containers, eating a healthier more balanced diet (primarily organic), exercising regularily, and taking a multi-vitamin and certain supplements that may increase male fertility (gingko baloba, Maca, , and Ginseng.) To be fair, this is information could have been done through a simple Google search; but it provided Darrell with reassurance.
A month   and a half later, Jess realizes that she is 2 months late...