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IJISET - International Journal of Innovative Science, Engineering & Technology, Vol. 1 Issue 3, May 2014. ISSN 2348 - 7968

An Efficient Mobile Health Care Emergency Services
A.Shanmugapriya1 S. Rajeswari (SE.G) 2

M.Tech (Information and communication Technology) J.J. College of Engineering and Technology, Trichy- 09 Department of Information and Technology J.J College of Engineering and Technology, Trichy- 09

Abstract— Technological advances are leading to a world replete with mobile and static sensors. Hence mobile Healthcare (m-Healthcare) extends the operation of Healthcare provider into a developing environment for better healthcare monitoring systems. Even now there were many challenges in m-healthcare services that include information security and privacy preservation. Hence a secure and privacy-preserving opportunistic computing framework for m-Healthcare emergency has been introduced. Using opportunistic computing smart phone resources including computing power and energy can be distributed to process the computing-intensive personal health information (PHI).The proposed project introducing a reconstruction algorithm for scanning process in mhealthcare monitoring. Algorithms are used to improve the reliability of PHI process. It also introduced an efficient user-centric privacy access control, and it also allows a user to decide who can assist them in processing his PHI data. The proposed computing framework can efficiently achieve user-centric privacy access control in m-Healthcare emergency. Keywords— Personal healthcare information, mHealthcare, Opportunistic computing, attribute based encryption, body scanning process. I. INTRODUCTION Improvement in the medical science was not feasible for the medical users in emergency situation. Wireless sensor networks (WSNs) are massively distributed networks that do not require any external infrastructure and are typically used to monitor a physical phenomenon [3],. Sensor network...