Child Devlopment 0-19

Age | Physical Development | Communication and intellectual | Social Development | Emotional Development |
0-3 months | A child will start to recognise the use of their hands and be able to grasp a finger if placed in palm. | A child will start to cry and make noise to make need known also start simple activates such as sucking and grasping. | A child will start to feel calm and secure when nursed or cuddled. | A new born baby will cry to make their needs know. |
3-6 months | A child will be able to hold their head up for a few seconds but legs are not yet strong enough to hold weight standing. A child will also be able to hold rattle for a few seconds. | A child will stop crying to sounds of things such as rattles, they will also suck lips at sound of feed preparation. Turn head to sounds and make noises when happy. | A child will start to enjoy routines such as bath time; the child will also stare at parents/careers at feed time. Start to smile more and react happily to familiar situations | A child will start to get excited at sounds they like also will show pleasure when handled and talked to children will quieten down to sounds they like but distress to loud noises |
6-9 months | A child may use palms grasp to pick up objects also may be able to hold something to help balance while standing up. | May start to babble , shout for attention copy simple sounds and may be able to understand no and bye | A child may start to offer toys to children may become clingy to familiar faces when unfamiliar faces are around. Recognise family member and may start to copy facial expressions | Will start to use their voices and cry for attention. Aware of other people that are significant to them and aware of themselves as separate beings |
9- 12 months | A child may attempt to walk when hands are held, may start to crawl and sit unsupported. Mat roll over or pull from sitting to standing | A child may recognise names point ar books and pictures. Splash deliberately...