Child Development

QUESTION 1:MULTIPLE INTELLIGENCES:Gardner (1999;44) supposes that humans` cognitive ability is pluralistic. According to him people possesse different strong intelligences that can be developed. These multiple intelligences vary in degrees of strength , skill and limitation. Gardner distinguishes between nine intelligences , namely:-Verbal intelligence-Logical intelligence-Musical intelligence-Spatial intelligence-Bodily intelligence-Naturalistic intelligence-Interpersonal intelligence-Intra personal intelligence-Existential intelligence (Quoted from Child Development , Prof FE Gouws – page 20)MOTIVATION:Motivation can be divided into two groups. Extrinsic motivation which is motivation which is originating from somewhere outside the person. Intrinsic motivation which is motivation that is generated from within the person.The term motivation comes from the Latin word movere (to move) , which refers to the energy or impetus impetus behind movement. (Geldenhuys 1978)Intinsic motivation is primary located in the person self and will contrast with extrinsic motivation because:   * Something or someone will motivate the person   * Something or someone will reward the person   * They want to impress either themselves or someone.(The adoloscent , 2nd edition page 59 , 60)FORMAL-OPERATION THOUGHT:Formal operations add rather thab replace concrete options. Learners alternate the two and that is why we should continue with concrete-operational teaching.   We can visual aids such as videos , pictures , diagrams to illustrate and explain the work better.Provide the children the oppurtunity to explore hypothetical issues. We could do this by giving the learners the oppurtunity to express themselves about certain subjects like drugs or teenage pregnancy.Children should be given oppurtunities to practice problemsolving , scientific reasoning and critical thinking.We should always use material that is relevant to learners. | |