Child Development

Physical Development
  * When being pulled into a sitting position the head falls back but when held upright under chest (ventral suspension) the shoulders support the head for a few seconds before giving away.  
  * Lies on their back (supine) with head to one side with one arm extended on the facing side.  
  * When placed on their stomach (prone position), they lie with their head on one side too.   The buttocks humped up and knees tucked under the abdomen.  
  * When held upright eyes open and blinks at any sound or movement.  
  * Can recognise mother or carer’s voices.   Cannot hear soft sounds.
  * Smell and taste is sensitive and tend to show preferences over sweet, salt and sour taste.
  * Touch response is strong but may not respond to light touches, as babies are still sensitive.  
  * Will hold their hands tightly closed and may open when feeding or when back of hand is stroked.  
  * Likes looking at patterns and shapes.  
  * Are startled by sudden noises.
  * Are sensitive to textures and change of position.  
  * Sleeps about 21 hours a day.

Intellectual Development
  * Sucking gives them happiness and they learn to recognise sights and sounds of feeding.  
  * Has been shown to concentrate on faces, imitate such as yawning, and tongue poking.  
  * Responses to main carer or mother.  
  * Mood swings changes to pleasure to displeasure quickly.  
  * Shows eagerness and anger vocally.  
Communication and Language Development
  * Cries when needed which is normally because of hunger, tiredness, boredom, pain and discomfort.  
  * Grunts and smiles when happy.  
  * Explore in their own way of senses using their own movement.  
  * Moves their limbs when high-pitched tones are heard.   Often synchronise actions with the sound of an adult voice.  
  * Sometimes copy adults who open their mouth wide or stick out their tongue.

Social, Emotional and Behaviour Development
  * Responses to...