Child Development

|Age           |Physical                                           |Social/Emotional                                                     |Language/Communication                                                     |
|             |Development                                         |Development                                                         |Development                                                                 |
|0-6 months   |Legs not strong enough to stand.                   |Will settle at the sound of a familiar voice.   Shows pleasure at     |Makes happy noises.   Turns head to sounds.   Will stop crying to familiar   |
|             |Developing                                         |sounds he likes and at being talked to.   Expresses distress.   Stares|sounds. Makes individual sounds to express distress.                       |
|             |ability to hold head up at 3 mths, Grabbing at     |at parent during feeding.   Smiles.                                   |                                                                           |
|             |objects and bringing to mouth.                     |                                                                     |                                                                           |
|6-12         |Will pull him/herself up to sit.   Plays with feet   |Actively plays with toys.   Enjoys rattles and shaking toys.   Puts   |Makes more repetitive sounds.   Laughs and screams with excitement.   Listens|
|months       |and kicks legs.   Bounces, rolls over. Start         |arms up to be lifted.   Touches the bottle or breast when being fed. |to voices. Copies simple sounds.   Shouts for attention.   Understands BYE   |
|             |crawling. Leans to pick up things.   Walks when     |Developing identity and tests boundaries.   Shows interest in         |and NO.   Can communicate using sounds.                                     |
|             |holding hands. Pull him/herself up to stand.   Sits...