Child Development

The nursery nurse is a qualified person who is employed in a children’s nursery and is answerable to the Deputy Manager and Manager who are the immediate superiors.   The nursery nurse is expected to act within a team and to be a part of that team.   There are three main duties involved within the area of responsibility of a nursery nurse. They are:

1. To plan and prepare activities

  2. To supervise meals

3. Maintain Health and Safety regulations and apply them to the welfare of the children

The planning and preparing of activities is important to ensure that:

← There is enough equipment for the planned activity

← There is easy access to the activity site for everyone including disabled

← Protective clothing appropriate to the activity is provided for staff and children

← The room or area chosen is of sufficient size for the activity

← There are sufficient personnel to supervise the children properly.

The room has to be prepared and tables arranged to suit any particular needs of the children, I e. easy access for wheelchairs etc.   It is important to ensure that all is correct so that the activity can take place without delay and that the children are not kept waiting and so become bored.

Supervision of meals is important to ensure that the correct dietary requirements of children who choose vegetarian diets or have religious needs regarding diet are followed as well as seeing to the other children and ensuring their meals are served with equal amounts of food.   Drinks should also be to hand and easily reached by the children.

Health and Safety of the children is paramount to any nursery and the Nursery Nurse is expected to conform and to observe them at all times.   This can include knowing the fire drill and evacuation procedure together with the location of the outside assembly area. Health and Safety also includes knowledge of Health and Hygiene precautions following toilet visits and can include food handling etc. An...