Child Development

Hook Norton CE Primary School
Classroom Observation Policy

    1. Classroom observation, as with any other School Improvement
    activity, should take place in the context of an agreed school schedule for monitoring
    and evaluation. As part of this, teachers should expect that from time to time, school managers, LA advisors and external assessors will observe their lessons. Teachers have a right to expect this to be carried out sensitively, unobtrusively and professionally.

    2. At Hook Norton Primary School we aim to keep observations undertaken to the
    minimum required to implement Performance Management and School
    Improvement. Observations will be undertaken as part of the Performance
    Management procedure, NQT induction, whole school self evaluation, the monitoring
    of the curriculum in the whole school context.
    (see Classroom Observation protocol, Annex 1)
    The burden of additional paperwork will be carefully considered and kept to a minimum.

    3. There will be an agreed focus and timetable before the observation takes place and
    feedback after. Before an observation the teacher and observer will:
    • Discuss and agree the lesson to be observed
    • Agree the focus of the lesson
    • Agree the day and time of the observation

    4. The Head teacher has a statutory responsibility for evaluating the standards of
    learning and teaching and ensuring that proper standards of professional performance are maintained.

    5. In the case of capability procedure the Head teacher will identify lessons to be
    observed and follow the capability procedures policy, as set out by the LA.

    6. Observations will take place in an atmosphere of supportive collegiality. When
    serious professional disagreements arise the school will follow the Grievance Policy as set out by the LA.

    7. Governors’ visits are different to observations as detailed above. Individual...