Child Development

Assignment 306
What stages do young people go through as they develop?
Age 0-36 months
In the early stages of development most babies will be able to lift their heads and respond to sounds, some babies may also be able to laugh and smile as well as recognising faces and voices of people they spend large amounts of time with. As they grow further towards the 12 month stages the child will be crawling and may well be walking. They will entertain themselves by playing with their hands and feet and should also be able to recognise bold colours. Many at this age will also be able to say easy words such as ‘mama’ and ‘dada’. At 24 months the child should be walking, they should be able to speak words that are easily understood, some may be able to climb stairs and should be starting to understand the meanings of opposing words such as now or later.   By the age of 36 months   the child should be talking in full sentences, able to walk, run and climb easily, they may be able to get dressed by themselves and some may even be able to differentiate between the different genders.

Age 37 months to 7 years
From the age of 37 month a childs understanding of the English language will hugely improve, they will being to understand and speak a wider variety of words and put these words with actions, by the age of 7 they   should be able to read almost fluently and understand the ways in which sentences are formed and the structures used. The physical development of the child will move rather fast in these times, at the younger ages of these catorgories children will be learning to and will be able to conduct an overhead throw, balance on one foot aswell as hop. They will then further their development to being able to draw pictures with detail such a people and animals. The emotional developments stages will see them develop form starting to understand the differences between simple emotions, to being able to understand and to a small extent explain and control the emotions...