Child Development

(Gross and fine motor skills) Intellectual Language and Communication
Emotional, Social and Behavioral

0-3m 1. Grasp an adults finger
2. Reacts to pain
3. Can turn from side to back
4. Jerky arm and leg movements
1. Reflex sucking
2. Reflex Grasping
3. Move head toward sound
4. May repeat enjoyable movements such as thumb sucking
1. Interact with an adult by simultaneously looking, listening and moving arms and legs excitedly
2. Makes non crying noises such as cooing and gurgling
3. Recognize primary carers-responding to the with movement, sound and smiles 1 No understanding of right or wrong until 1-2 years 1. Loves to watch movement – shiny objects, trees in the wind
2. Smile in response to an adult
3. Gaze attentively at the adults face when being fed
3-6m 1. Can hold an object for a brief time
2. Can move their head deliberately to look around them
3. When held, can sit with their back straight
4. Can lift head and chest together when supported on forearms
5. Watch hands and play with fingers 1. Understand cause and effect ie shaking a toy may make a noise
2. Exchange coos with a familiar person ⇒⇒ 1. Smile in response to speech
2. Cry loudly when expressing a need
3. ⇒⇒
4. Laugh and vocalize with increasing tone and intensity 1. Fix eyes on carer’s face during feeding
2. Stay away for longer periods
3. Responds with obvious pleasure to loving attention and cuddles
4. Shows enjoyment for routines such and feeding or bath time
6-9m 1. Can roll from back to tummy
2. When held standing may do with a straight back
3. Reach and grab a small toy
4. Use Palmar grasp (whole hand) to pass a toy fro one hand to the other 1. Understand objects and what can be expected of them ie noises, feeling of a toy
2. Understand basic words such as mummy/daddy/bye
3. Understand basic words such as ‘up’ – raising arms to be picked up
4. Loves to explore objects with hands and mouth
5. Explores play through stacking...